Installation equipment and rental 

GF-Service Oy has a range of its own equipment that includes  machinery, tools and measurement equipment needed in this specialized sector. 

Installation equipment and rental 

Our company owns all necessary equipment; machinery, tools and measuring equipment. We travel to our project sites with full equipment transported by our vehicles. For longer projects and when needed, we will erect an on-site office. 

For machinery rentals you can ask us or contact Storent Oy directly, who manage our machine rentals through their booking calendar. 

We also have some models of machinery suitable for lifting glass and PVP elements as well as construction machinery and lifting equipment. Please ask directly from

Our equipment range includes:

  • These include diesel powered sax pallet lifts up to 20.5 metres, and motorized hoists up to 24 meters.
  • Crane equipment of 2 Paus PTK towed cranes (lift height 31 m, weight 3500 kg).
  • For loading and unloading 2 Bobcat telescopic beam with a 17 m beam. 
  • Extra equipment includes: jibs and spreadable spikes.