Professional facade installation in Finland and abroad 

GF-Service Oy is a company specialising in the installation of building facades.

We have the experience in demanding installation works over many decades. We mainly install PVP-sandwich elements, facade structures, aluminium and/or steel door structures and frames, windows, glass walls and glass roofs, building awnings, balcony railings as well as tin and brick finishes. Our building sites are mainly in Finland, however over the years we have completed projects also abroad.

In 2018 GF-Service branched out of the construction sector which resulting in a small operational change and the addition of “Etelä” (south). The company’s official name is now GF-Service Etelä Oy. Its operations and staff remain the same.


Facade installation and products 


Installation equipment and rental hire

Valmis julkisivuasennus


Reliable provider

In addition to our domestic Finnish operations, we have successfully completed projects internationally. Our documented works contracts are drawn up after careful planning for each project. The works' schedules are made clear and followed systematically by our team. We do not make empty promises. We can give you solutions to the most challenging project, thanks to our wide experience. 

We are glad to assist you from the very first steps of your project. 

Come and work with us!

There is always work for the skilled professionals, contact us and tell us your expertise. 

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Our company is covered by liability insurance, installation and construction insurance, existing and surrounding property as well as rental property insurance.